Johann Colombano-Rut

  • Trévoux, Ain, France.
  • 38 years old


Venn Diagram (EN)


6 years of experience in analysis, planning, operation and optimization of SEO and SEA campaigns

Data Science : Excel & VBA0%

Everyday power user of Microsoft Excel for data analysis, reporting and automation of preprocessing tasks

Scientific Communication0%

Occasional publication of scientific communication articles since 2011 : personal blog, Quadrature magazine, Le Monde, etc.

Data Science : Python0%

Development of automated reporting tools using Python. Course in progress in Machine Learning

Vizualisation of content silos of a Website with Gephi

Reporting of a campaign’s progress with source segmentation in Excel

Building of a customer catchment area using geographic and time proximity criteria with Excel, Google Maps and Fusion Tables

Work experience

Since 2019 - Data Scientist

Medicrea International, Rillieux-la-pape

  • Medical data analysis
  • Development of automated reporting tools in Python

Since 2017 - Senior SEO and SEA consultant

HMGV, Meyzieu

  • Conception and implementation of clients’ digital strategy and cost estimates. B2B customer relations
  • Monitoring of new techniques and strategies
  • Development of internal tools (Website monitoring, scraping, google app scripts, adwords scripts, etc.)
  • Website audits, SEO/SEA campaigns : analysis, reporting, implementation of on-site and off-site actions, optimization

2011 -> 2016 - Entrepreneur : Independant consultant in SEO/SEA

  • Junior SEO consultant, Adwords account manager (Google certified and Google partner)
  • WordPress integration
  • B2B customer relations

Uptivize, Meyzieu

2011 - Private teacher in Mathematics, Cours Legendre


2019 - Online course : Data science


Complete Data Science Bootcamp : Mathematics, Statistics, Python, Advanced Statistics in Python, Machine & Deep Learning

2013 - Google Adwords, Shopping & Analytics certification

Programme Google Partner

2010 - Master's degree in Science History, Philosophy and Didactics

UCBL Lyon 1

Specialty :  History and epistemology of groups and geometry from Galois to Cartan (1830 to 1920), Special relativity from Lorentz to Lévy-Leblond (1880 to 1976).

Term paper (72 pages) of original research and paper studies : “La mathématisation de la mécanique relativiste

2009 - Master's 1st year Mathematics and Mathematical engineering

UCBL Lyon 1

Wrote two course notes for Master’s degree students and “agrégatifs” with researchers/teachers.

One of them has been published by the teacher : Histoires hédonistes de groupes et géométrie (ISBN 978-2-91-635231-2).

2008 - Licence degree in Mathematics

UCBL Lyon 1

2001 - Baccalauréat Général série Scientifique, mention Mathématiques

Lycée J-P. Sartre, Bron

Computer skills


Proficient in TeX, LaTeX and pdfTeX : Formulas, layouts, pictures and graphics (package tigz/pgf notably), personalized stylesheets and animations.


Good mastery of Maple : symbolic calculus, plot2d and 3d, procedures of medium complexity.


problems solved on using maple

HTML / CSS / php / SQL0%

Sufficient knowledge in Web development to modify and personalize a WordPress theme for example.

JavaScript / AWQL0%

Notions de base en JavaScript. Recyclage et création de scripts Adwords (AWQL) et Google Sheets.


Excel / Word / Powerpoint0%

Excel power user (pivot tables, graphs, complex formulas, Visual Basic macros), basic use of Word and Powerpoint.



Daily use of pandas, numpy, matplotlib, streamlit, python-pptx… Currently learning tensorflow, scikit-learn and keras.

python lib



Les rouages de l'histoire, Le Monde, isbn=978-2-36804079-9, 2018

Qu'est-ce qu'un tenseur ? Quadrature magazine, issn=1142-2785, 2018

Visualiser la courbure, Images des mathématiques (, issn=2105-1003, 2017

Other skills and leisure activities

Good mastery of english, CECR C1 level. Remark : every page and article of this blog is manually translated.

E-book project in progress, on tensor calculus and relativity.

Scientific watch : reading of research articles and books, study of conferences and online video courses.

Arts : drawing, oil painting and geometric origami

French litterature (XIXth century poetry)

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