Here are all the cookies

As you can see, when some webmasters say your pricacy is really important, they mean it ! (it took me some time to put all this into place ^^)
This table lists all the cookies used on this website. If you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the contact form.


pll_languagepersistent1 yearThis cookie only contains the site's language selection. It is necessary to read articles in the right language.
viewed_cookie_policypersistent1 yearThis cookie helps to know if you've already accepted the cookie policy. It is necessary and without it you would see the cookie banner over and over again...
_gapersistent2 yearsThis cookie is used by Google Analytics to count visits. There is no ad tracking, no personnal data. It is stocked 2 years to help differentiate between new visits and repeat visitors. That's the one usually used to retarget you with ads on other websites, except here it doesn't because the ad tracking is not activated (and I don't use ads !).
_gatsession1 minuteHelper cookie for google analytics. Quite temporary, it doesn't stock any information and its only use is to check if data was correctly transmitted.
_gidsession24 hoursThis cookie is used to distinguish sessions. In addition to _ga it keeps Google Analytics from counting duplicate visits if you reload a page for example.


Since no cookie stores personal data (not even your IP address) there is nothing to deactivate here. Even a paranoiac can rest easy on this blog ;-)